Advanced Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Increase marketing efficiency while achieving better marketing results

Marketing automation is a central component of Distribion’s platform. It is incorporated throughout the entire platform, from email marketing to dynamic content assembly in microsites and landing pages.

Our marketing automation platform focuses on simplifying the processes, nurturing the customer journey and building an army of brand advocates. Increase marketing efficiency while achieving better marketing results.

Numerous features that make Marketing Automation easy:

Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns
Automate activities throughout marketing channels with only a few mouse clicks to personalize, customize, and deliver messages. Real-time tracking and campaign visibility See who interacted with your marketing materials, what portions of the messages resonated, and what didn’t work — so you can tweak or update materials instantly, so everyone always has access to current materials.
Business Rules & Triggered Messaging
Identify and respond to opportunities faster. Automated trigger events can be established by administrators to automate follow up actions based upon a recipient’s interaction with previous materials.
Campaign Scheduling
Multi-Channel drip nurturing & execution Bundled campaigns allow users to initiate an entire series of messages in various channels over a set period of time.

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Advanced Marketing Automation

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